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I feel I must interject here - dolls_eat_souls
I feel I must interject here

I will not have the internets for a while until the *haus* situation gets sorted out. Not that I've been posting for a while now, but I just thought I should say so for some reason. Also, the irony of posting to report no posting is not lost on me ^_~ This makes me think of 3 years ago when my mum caused LJ/internet issues before I left university on my other account. I am still in two minds as to get her anything for mother's day or not. Was considering this message " I love you mum, but I do not always like you."


In other news, The Postal Service are an awesome band (Esp the songs sleeping in and Nothing better, which is astounding), Watchmen was brilliant (The opening 15 minutes were cinematic geeky bliss especially) and I am a little bit in love with Nite Owl II.

Everything is transitory and we are forever changing and staying the same. Its part of what makes a life I think. That and trying to be happier more than sad. I am rambling once more.

See ya soon LJ!

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Current Mood: sad Saddened
Current Music: Clark Gable - The postal Service

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