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A quick meme I found on the netz! - dolls_eat_souls
A quick meme I found on the netz!
Everyone loves a good Meme! Maybe. feel free to copy and complete : )

1) Name one scent or smell you can't stand and why:

I hate the smell of boiled cabbages. Oh and the smell of oranges sometimes triggers migraines so I'm a bit suspicious of that smell too ^_^"

2) What happened in the last dream you remember?:

In my dream last night, I was the driver of a bus and some girls who were supposed to be at school were being abusive to me when I told them off for skivving. I let them on the bus. One of the Girls' parents were walking by the bus so I casually asked them if they were looking for their daughter as she was on my bus and she got in a lot of trouble which made me laugh sneakily.

3) What are you scared of?: I'm scared of letting people down and little scared of the dark.

4) Name your ideal hair colour type and length:
Indigo/Dark purple, Long, wavy and NOT frizzy, kind of like Psylocke's hair from the X-men actually ^_^

5) Name your favourite out of the following:
~ Singstar or Guitar Hero?
Guitar Hero but I think I'd like singstar too!
~ Cats or Dogs? Cats... although I have a dog I love to bits.
~ Fruit or vegetables? Fruit all the way!

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: Brother playing Guitar Hero rather fittingly

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