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My dissertation is on its way to completion
When I'm finished, hopefully should be more updates!

*end messages!*

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I found two old mix CDs from when I was about 15. I feel oddly energised by it. Time really does go much too fast.

A couple of bands on it I don't really like too much anymore:
- GreenDay
- Tenacious D

Bands/ Songs I still adore:

- The ballad of Tom Jones (Catatonia and Space collaboration - I loved it back then *_*)
- The Offspring - Want You bad ~ My favourite Offspring song ever I think
- Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
- Skanking Pickle
- Queen Adreena
 - Incubus - Are you in

The song that reminds me of the time when my sister Laughed at me :
Less Than Jake - All my friends are Metalheads

Also, it has the obligatory (for me anyway) embarassing/cheesy/odd songs at the end which actually are almost all from Fraggle Rock (the Tv Show). If I knew how, I'd upload a couple.

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It is my 21st birthday today and I have spent most of the morning/early afternoon at work
(library = quiet= easy enough job to do today )

Birthdays confuse me a little as I get presents and I want to give people presents too but can't really ^_^".

>THIS NEXT SECTION IS NOT BOASTING (merely keeping track for posierity ^_^")<
I have got some awesome things from boyfriend (Yay for horror game, film and music as well as a few other things to come he says ^_^) and an awesome bag and paperchase stationary (not forgetting spaceballs DVD) from my lovely flatmate, and dolly comrade-in -arms, Plastic_army. I also got some dolly clothes and a mlp from my lovely dolly friend who isn't on Lj but is still really cool.
>End of Boasting :P<

Thus so far, it has been a rather nice day and I hope it lasts!

I will try to actually upload the pics that I've taken on Thursday  sometime soon ^_~

(ps. Feel free to eat cake today , its tradition!)

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Well that is another year almost gone, I thought I'd have a quick and thoughtful recap of it.

As a whole, its been a pretty good year, have met quite a few nice people and made some good friends (especially in the world of pullips ^_^) and I have actually kept a new year's resolution for once! If you want to know what it was it was to try new things, especially new food as you'll never know if you don't try it!

Thankyou to all of my friends, especially my doll-tolerant Boyfriend (despite him probably not reading this ^_^") and Amy - this year would not have been the same with out you! And to my dolls, without who, i wouldn't be writing this ^_^"

My operation in May seems to have gone as well as it could have done and hopefully (Tough wood) It will stay this way :) I got a job as a librarian, thus fulfilling a childhood dream of working in a library (I was and still am a total bookworm).

2008 sees me leaving university , a prospect which I find currently terrifying but I'm hoping it will work out okay! Especially if I do well on my dissertation - I adore the fact that I can write academically about a subject I'm interested in. If I stay positive and go to the gym a little more all will be fine ^_~

Here's to a lovely and prosperous Happy New Year for all of us!

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I forgot how hard selling pullips can be ^^;  I made LRRH look all pretty for her sale photos and have a box all ready as I thought she was pretty much sold, but the girl had a personal money problem and couldn't buy her.  but I hope that someone will give her the home she deserves soon!

How can you say no to that face (*although I'm kinda the exception :P)

Why does waiting take so long!

Also, I'm tempted to buy a moof doll since the shop is now restocked (for now) but I'm not sure if I ought to. Argh descions are hard heh!
I'm also tempted to sell the two mini-blythe that haven't seen sunlight (or the outside of their boxes ever really) for quite some time as well as the cute but underappreciated mini-mercu pullip.

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Here is my latest "creation" , fullsized pullip tiger suit and hood! ^__^


Its made of tiger patterned fake fur (obviously heh) and fits all 3 types of pullip. Its held together at the top by some strategically placed snaps which are hidden by the fur and the paws are made of felt. I made the hood from matching fur and added a little white fur for the underside of the ears.

I hope you all like it ^^; it took me a fair while. I was thinking about selling it initially but I'm kinda attached to it now! I'm working on some more animal hats at the moment, but when they are all done, I'm hoping to take some photos and show them off a little more.

Also, in the Photos are my rewigged Rida (Dana) and papin (Ringo) and the model for the tigress is my Craziia (For now at least, Dinah)

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Here is my lovely Ringo wearing my newest made hat; the octopus hat!
Its made of pink fleecy material and is decorated with sequins on each of its eight tentacle-arms!
It was so much fun to make and really easy to sew as the material didn't fray ^__^

Hope you all like it!

I've also made a tiger hat, a penguin hat and a owl hat for instant_music's birthday which I will post pictures of onto my flickr.
My username is Momo_viola ^_^
Also, if anyone can think of any other animal they'd like to see me do in hat form, feel free to comment and tell me!
Hats are much too fun to make *__*"

The photo was taken at a park in Derby and My Rida, Dana also came along, photo's of her in her newly borrowed wig are also on my flickr ^_~

Thanks for reading :P

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Just a quick update ^_^

Been taking lots of pics out of my makeshift studio (AKA my walk-in cupboard ^^; )

Got a nice set of "family" pics, which is nice. I also have realised that I think I prefer the paler girls, a preference my flash does not care for too much I don't think.

Posted another set on the pullipstyle forum ^_^

I would love to know what you think of them!

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Wah, haven't posted again in awhile ^^; Am so bad heh

I've been having real issues with Nero atm as her head is driving me nuts. Its really loose and turns all the way around with no encouragment. I have no idea how to fix this heh so any advice would be good!

Its so hard to bond with her when she's doing the exorcist head turning thing all the time! XD

Re-wigging Nero may help me bond but do you think it'll put people off if I do want to resell her? also, bit worried about ripping the wig!:S   Am also looking for a new (classy?) name for her?

Ah so many issues! 

On the other hand, since redressing Ringo (Papin) she seems to fit straight in now, which is nice as I'd be loathe to sell her (chicca would miss her sister!) Also I (and I feel bad for thinking this) but maybe she'll end up being a harder to find doll and this may be a good thing?

In other news, My sister wants a chill, so I am keeping an eye out for one for her. She will convert! Even my mum kinda liked my dolls, showing and interest in Rida the most (that "punky one" as she calls her :D)

Also, I have been cleaning out my walk-in wardrobe and now I can actually walk-in it again!

And to keep up with posting pictures, here is Ringo (with Mercy peeking in from the side! XD!)

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I was moon! ^____^

This makes me very happy as she is
a) a catgirl
b) has pink hair
c) is freaking awesome!

Cute personality and activity I've found a new 'me'...
I will be heroine tonight, meow~
...Feel like this."


Current Mood: happy This is a good feeling

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