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If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

 The Soft Bulletin - The Flaming Lips

I know this because whenever I see it on sale I want to buy a copy, despite owning two technically. Also the only CD I ever rebought when I I thought I'd lost the original so distraught I was. Awesome ^_^


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Some things stay the same
some things change
things shuffle, and rearrange
but I know that some little things
will always stay
and baby I hope you are one of them

Much of a muchness
All or nothing at all
Its not my place, I really shouldn't call
but I know some little things
I can't resist
and you are one of them

This will all fall down one day
and all I will have are sweet
and dirty memories of these times dear
but I know I won't change
I don't want to
and you are what I want
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I will not have the internets for a while until the *haus* situation gets sorted out. Not that I've been posting for a while now, but I just thought I should say so for some reason. Also, the irony of posting to report no posting is not lost on me ^_~ This makes me think of 3 years ago when my mum caused LJ/internet issues before I left university on my other account. I am still in two minds as to get her anything for mother's day or not. Was considering this message " I love you mum, but I do not always like you."


In other news, The Postal Service are an awesome band (Esp the songs sleeping in and Nothing better, which is astounding), Watchmen was brilliant (The opening 15 minutes were cinematic geeky bliss especially) and I am a little bit in love with Nite Owl II.

Everything is transitory and we are forever changing and staying the same. Its part of what makes a life I think. That and trying to be happier more than sad. I am rambling once more.

See ya soon LJ!

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Current Mood: sad Saddened
Current Music: Clark Gable - The postal Service

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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.


(I think this is a fun idea... not just an excuse to try to be as surreal as possible... although that too is totally allowed/ encouraged)

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For your reading pleasure is a list of things you may or may not know about me. One thing for each year I have been alive.
  1. I went for an interview today for a job I did not know what it was until I arrived.
  2. I am more girly now then I ever was as a child.Nowadays I feel odd not in a skirt.
  3. I miss being able to play in a park without feeling like I am too old to be there.
  4. It is unusual for me to not possess at least one pen and lip balm at any one time.
  5. The same goes for plasters.
  6. I used to have a crush on Jarvis Cocker when I was younger
  7. Jarvis is one of my nicknames Elisha gave me years ago, because she said my glasses made me look like a bit like him. this was a confusing for a while.
  8. That is not the only nickname I have.
  9. I cannot eat meat off the bone. It makes me feel queasy and lose my appetite.
  10. I fear breaking my leg and the bone protruding out of the skin because I wouldn't be able to resist poking the bone.
  11. I have a fairly good singing voice (I think) but have no idea what to do about it, or even if I want to do anything about it.
  12. If i could choose three instruments to learn, I would pick the Cello, Guitar (/Bass Guitar) or piano/ Keyboard
  13. I cannot wait until I am 22 as I like the number 2 and then I will be finally be able to convince myself that I was wrong about a paranoid thought that has been with me for many years.
  14. I apologise to inanimate objects when I walk into them sometimes.
  15. I am a semi-orphan
  16. I am scared of fire.
  17. I miss feeling confident in my ability to do maths. I used to really love it.
  18. I recall most dreams that I have an get deja vu often.
  19. I have a soft spot for detectives in books and films.
  20. I also like to cheer for the villian.
  21. I wonder what it would be like to be in a survival horror game type situation.
I think that is enough trivia for now.

Feel free to comment .. you know if you want to ^_^"

 Oh yes! As for the secret project, it's had some setbacks but it's still alive! ^___^

Current Mood: creative creative
Current Music: Sonic Youth - Superstar

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The past few days I have been a very busy person helping my sister with a project that came out of nowhere.

I don't want to disclose too much but I can say this much (without breaking my non-disclosure agreement with Zoe) that it is a pic fic of epic proportions (at least that's what I hope) .

It puts the Epic in Pic fic!

Seriously. We have a pretty complex plot and a long long cast list and so many props, we had to make a stick-prop to shake at them! I'm looking forward to finishing it so we can post it and see what other's think. But truth be told, it makes me just as happy to be doing a project that stretches my creative muscles and imagination again with my sister who is one of my favourite people in the whole world ;)

Even though she got two new dolls at once and I got doll envy. Dioll envy that makes me want to buy the Rei i've seen on Dollymarket despite not having the funds or room for another doll ^_^ Oh , she got a Zuora and suigintou too! She has a thing for grey haired dollls and those with purple eyes. Good taste I say!

in other news, I have a funeral to attend tomorrow. It is strange as it was for my great-uncle Harry who I only really got to know these past 5 years or so. He was my unofficial grandfather. I miss him. We both had birthdays on the same day, albeit with a 66-year gap. He had lung cancer which we knew was terminal and so his passing didn't surprise anyone. I am glad we got to say goodbye and that his last days were filled with family and as much comfort as he could get. on another slight tangent, I get to visit my father's grave tomorrow as the service is in the same place.

I feel happy because Harry is not in pain. I also feel a little guilty because it seems odd to feel happy at a time of grieving but i know he is no longer in pain and is reunited with his wife. We have been told that we should wear colourful clothing for tomorrow as he said he did not want it to be a morose affair.

    Also, My Chill has finally got a tentative name. Meet Tabitha!

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Current Music: Kimya Dawson - So nice, so smart

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Everyone loves a good Meme! Maybe. feel free to copy and complete : )

1) Name one scent or smell you can't stand and why:

I hate the smell of boiled cabbages. Oh and the smell of oranges sometimes triggers migraines so I'm a bit suspicious of that smell too ^_^"

2) What happened in the last dream you remember?:

In my dream last night, I was the driver of a bus and some girls who were supposed to be at school were being abusive to me when I told them off for skivving. I let them on the bus. One of the Girls' parents were walking by the bus so I casually asked them if they were looking for their daughter as she was on my bus and she got in a lot of trouble which made me laugh sneakily.

3) What are you scared of?: I'm scared of letting people down and little scared of the dark.

4) Name your ideal hair colour type and length:
Indigo/Dark purple, Long, wavy and NOT frizzy, kind of like Psylocke's hair from the X-men actually ^_^

5) Name your favourite out of the following:
~ Singstar or Guitar Hero?
Guitar Hero but I think I'd like singstar too!
~ Cats or Dogs? Cats... although I have a dog I love to bits.
~ Fruit or vegetables? Fruit all the way!

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: Brother playing Guitar Hero rather fittingly

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